Evelin Stermitz

is working on media art projects by using different media like photography, video and net, including installations and conceptual works. The focus of art work is on female and social topics. The issues of projects are about gender, role models and the gap between man and woman referring to the theory of Jacques Lacan. An important task is the female body and the outgoing connection to created symbolic meanings of gender in history and nowadays. In media theory the main interest is on the representation and approach of the female body in everyday media and media art encouraged by Barbara Krugers work "Your body is a battleground". She completed the study of Media Communication at University Klagenfurt / Austria and received a scholarship for the postgraduate study of Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (Prof. Milan Pajk - photography, Prof. Sreco Dragan - video and new media) in the year 2004.

Jure Kodzoman

is a graduate student at FRI in Ljubljana, currently pursuing degree in informatics. Born in 1983. in Postojna (Slovenia), from where he soon moved to a small town of Sinj in Central Dalmatia(Croatia) where he lived up to his college years. Soon after arrival in Ljubljana he developed strong interest in UNIX and LINUX operating systems and open source software. Likes programming, cooking, and mountaneering. He is a member of publishing comitee at Croatian Mountaneering Association, where he merged his greatest passions: computers, climbing and art. (Unfortunately there is no cooking there :)

Ljiljana Perkovic

Comes from Croatia, island of Krk, where she has lived all her life. Born on the 10th March 1985 in Rijeka. Being from the seaside she likes long walks on the beach and seafood specialities. She has graduated from a science based high school where she has gained interes in computer science. Curently she is a third year student at the Faculty of informatics and computer science of the University of Ljubljana. Along with computer science she has an interest in modern art, visiting exhibitions and traveling.

Loritz Zbigniew

25 year old student from High School Of Economics in Radom (Poland), participating as ERASMUS student at FRI Ljubljana. In his free time reads computer books, fixes computers, rides bicycle, and likes walking. Last several years he worked for a local school, as a technical support staff. He is now in Ljubljana for some time, just getting to know the town. work.

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